Teamfight Tactics: 6 Months in Review

It's been about 6 months since the release of Riot Games' newest game, Teamfight Tactics. The game hit the ground running at its release, often topping viewer count on Twitch for a number of weeks. Since then, the viewer count has dropped, totaling only a 17,000 concurrent viewership average, paling in comparison to that of League of Legends (120,000). 


But the newest addition to the auto-battler genre has been quite the success. It has boosted Riot's player base and, although it has been filled with plenty of bugs, they are short-lived, as Riot has almost perfected the art of bug fixes and balance changes (some times), both of which have proven to be problems in the game's early stages.


But there is no doubt that Teamfight Tactics is here to stay and will continue to bring in players consistently. And with Riot's plan to release a new "Set" every 3-4 months, the game shouldn't get boring any time soon. 


What are your thoughts about the game? Do you think it's here to stay? Or will it be short-lived? Join in the conversation below and let us know! 


And, as always, good luck and have fun out on the Convergence!

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